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When selecting "Zoom To View in Google Earth". my V21.0 64 bit goes into a seemingly endless cycle of clips sending to User Apps folder. No image results from this effort, even for a very small (e.g. 1 km sq) area. Suggestions please?


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
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    The intent of the "Zoom to View in Google Earth" command is to launch Google Earth, and zoom to the location that is currently in your Global Mapper view. It is not intended to display your data in Google Earth, if that is what you are expecting. To do that, you can export data to a KML or KMZ file, and load that into Google Earth directly.

  • NEV
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    Thanks Bob, you are spot-on. Yes, I was expecting to have the same response from Google Earth as the World Imagery display (which is good imagery) but apparently only for a single date? How does one determine the date of the World Imagery at any location - or is it uniform globally?
  • Hi Nev,

    I asked the same question on this forum a while ago (or at least I think I did!).

    Currently there is no way of extracting the date within GM as far as I know.

    It pains me to do so, but in ArcMap you can use the Identify tool to determine the date the image was captured. See: ArcMap, the Identify tool,seen in the image below

  • NEV
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    Thanks CarrickCon, I don;t run ARCMap or any Arc software (can't afford as a solo busines). I found by accident that ZoomEarth view has the same imagery (at least for some areas I am working on) and that displays the date. The date of the image changes as one zooms in (genarally older imagery)