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mapping dry land under sea level

Hi Global Mapper users,

thanks for accepting me in the forum.
I am using Global Mapper for a while and most of the time, I have found the answers to my questions on the forum or elsewhere. My actual GM version is 21.1.0.
But this time, I have a particular question for a particular situation: I have a DEM representing a coastal area. In this coastal area there is a former wetland which has been dried for farming. The particularity of this place is that it's under sea level. So, I would like it to stay dry as well as I want the sea to keep its water. My question is: how can I represent my map with water in the sea at the normal level and no water in my dry land, which is under sea level ? I know that it is eventually possible to define a polygon and apply a different positive water in it for moutainous lake for example, but this option does not allow the user to define a negative water level.
Any ideas ?


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