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Lines counted in area, but can't be selected

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I have a file of river basins and streams.   When I select the basins and use the attribute/style function to add a line count attribute of streams in the basins, specifying that only fully enclosed lines should be counted, the  operation counts the lines within the basin.  However, when I then select the basins and perform an advanced selection function of finding all the lines in the basins, again specifying that only lines totally within an area be selected, it says that no features were found in the selected areas, despite the fact that the lines are obviously there.  See attached file for example.

This is a critical operation for my analysis, because I need to be able to select out the streams from the basins, so any help would be appreciated.


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    The lines are not completely inside:
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    Thanks, I think I will make a buffer around the basins and redo the selection.