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Is it possible to batch export lidar files?

tim53tim53 Global Mapper UserPosts: 70Trusted User
I routinely load point clouds from .csv files of Mars rover orthoimage/dem data into global mapper, for conversion into Lidar files that I then gereference to orbiter data using the "shift" tool to scale and register the point cloud to the orbiter image, and the "Lidar fit point clouds" tool to register them in elevation to the global DEM.  At this point, I'm exporting each "wedge" of the rover's ortho data, one at a time, requiring something like 6 mouse clicks each.  There are typically 12-14 or more wedges for each rover position (and there are hundreds of positions along the rover traverse), so this gets somewhat tedious.  Is there a way to batch-export individual layers to still-separate layers to minimize the number of steps?  

I need to keep the wedges separate so that I can grid the intensity data and then process the image seams out using Photoshop, before compiling them into a single orthomosaic.  P.S.  I'd be nice if Global Mapper had image processing tools so that I wouldn't need to go to Photoshop to do this last step.



  • tim53tim53 Global Mapper User Posts: 70Trusted User
    Okay, now I feel like a compleat idiot.  I never noticed the Batch option under the file menu before!  Am running it now on a few hundred csv files.  My fingers have a whole lot of time on their hands!

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