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A way to fix offset when exporting Aerial imagery and .raw heightmap for unity?

I'm a complete noob when it comes to global mapper. I'm using version 21.1 (b021820) (59) (64-bit) and have noticed a pretty glaring issue. I'm using GM to export Aerial imagery and a raw heightmap for use in the Unity game engine. The aerial exports as png perfectly fine. The issue comes when exporting the Unity Raw Terrain/Texture. For some reason I can't figure out, the raw heightmap export is always rotated and scaled. Worst it doesn't seem uniform as I've had this issue across multiple projects and there is always a different rotation applied or scale difference.

The "Unity Raw File Export Options" dialogue window doesn't appear to have any options to not rotate and scale the export. 

I've attached 3 images for reference, one showing the files laid out in GM, one showing the aerial image exported, and the other showing how the raw gets exported.

I hope this is just something I've missed due to being an extreme novice with Global Mapper.

Thanks for the help.
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