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Interpolate where 3D-point-obstacle crosses a 3D-TIN-triangle

Hello everybody

I would like to know at which height an obstacle (a point with a z-value) is crossing a 3D-TIN-triangle which is floating in the air. The purpose would be to see if the obstacle is too high.

Is there a way to interpolate the height of the triangle at the point where the obstacle is?

Thank you for any advice and let me know if I can add more crucial information :)

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    You need to rename the "Z" value attribute of the point file from "ELEVATION" to something else.
    Then create an elevation raster from your TIN.
    Then add ELEVATION from terrain layers to selected points.
    You will have the point file with 2 "Z" values. 
    In the end you create an attribute where you substract the original z value from the added value.
    The points with negative result of this attribute will be the penetrations.
    The value of the attribute will be the penetration value.
  • Thank you very much