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Making text fixed of size in viewer

Hi all,
When you zoom and out on GM, the text changes size based on the amount of information displaying in that area. Is there any way to make it 'fixed' and always show as if it shows the actual size when exported into a PDF?

Kind regards,

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  • CarrickConCarrickCon Posts: 92
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    Hi Dave,

    I don't think its possible to do exactly what you ask (I stand to be corrected!), but when in the Font dialogue box you can check the "Display Labels using this Font at a Fixed Height in Meters" box which will fix font size at a fixed height. If you can estimate what the view height will be of your finished pdf you could set the font to display at that height perhaps...?

    The GM help menu says the following "Use this setting to specify labels in a size relative to a ground unit size, rather than a font size. The labels will shrink and grow when zooming, to always maintain the same geographic scale. This setting can be particularly useful for reference features, such as labels of background area boundaries."

    I have attached a screen grab of the Font dialogue box in case you are not familiar with it. I have set the font to display at 16 pt size at 1,000 m elevation in this example.

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