export PDF with individual text objects for use in CorelDraw

bisenbergerbisenberger Global Mapper UserPosts: 91Trusted User
GM v2.21

In the current implementation all the text associated with a layer are imported into CorelDraw as a single text object.


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,264

    Have you been in touch with CorelDraw support to find out why this is happening? If we don't know how CorelDraw handles the objects, it will be difficult to determine what changes are needed.

    Global Mapper exports all labels as text objects, and groups them into a layer so they can be hidden or shown as a group. Perhaps we need an option to export a layer for each label, or make each label a sub-layer within the overall text layer? This is just a guess. We would need more information about how CorelDraw works with these objects.

  • DerrickWDerrickW Posts: 47
    I use inkscape to edit some maps after global mapper.  The text comes in as a single group, but un-grouping them will allow each to be editing individually.  (But they are all on the same layer, still.)
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