Suggestions for improvement

Hello there,

Here are some features that could be improved or implemented :

- Ablilty to simply import and export N(name),X,Y,Z text files. Currently we can only export in CSV with the name but this field is not placed before de coordinates of each points.

- Ability to subsample lidar points based on a distance between points without creating new points (the 3D thining of GM creates new ones). The points left are exactly the same as in the source point cloud (similar to the "Subsample" tool of CloudCompare)

- Improve the rounding options of the buffer. Often, the buffers are not well rounded because they are made of few points. I generally have to create rounded buffer on QGIS, which rounds much better with more buffering parameters, before importing my file back to GM. See the difference below :

- When editing the length of a line, the bearing changes so the line is not exactly the same after. See below :

- Snapping does not always work as desired, even when playing with the snapping options.

- When selecting polygons, do not count the islands inside these polygons as the number of selected features (very confusing), or at least count them and display their number separately.

- Give the ability not to select islands. It is very confusing when working with concentric rings because if you click at the center, you don't now if you are selecting the inner ring or the island of the outer ring.

- Give the ability to reorder the features inside a layer (eg: "send to back" or "bring to front").

- Smooth the rendering of displayed high resolution raster imagery. When zoomed out, the image looks aliased (no problem when zoomed in though). See below :

Anyway, GM is awesome. Keep it up ! :)

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