Global Mapper v25.0

Exporting displayed data cropped to area features

Hi all,

I am trying to export all displayed data to a GeoTIFF file, cropped to a set of areas and have them saved as individual files.

The method I am using to try and do this is to display what I want to make up the image, selecting the area features with the digitizer tool, going to File>Export>Export Raster/Image Format...>GeotiFF

Then in Export Bounds I select crop to selected area feature(s) and in Tiling I select use selected area features for tiles.

When I do this all I get is some blank files.

Any clues as to what is going wrong? If I don't select 'Use selected area Features for Tiles' then I get one large GeoTIFF with the data displayed (within the selected area features) but I don't seem to be able to breakdown the export in to individual area files.


  • I *think* that you need to omit the cropping boundary check when you're already using those areas as tile boundaries. Do exactly what you have been doing, but don't check anything in the Export Bounds tab.