Vector KMZ Export Crashing Google Earth

All - I'm having a bit of an issue.  I'm currently trying to export a limited data set from the FEMA flood maps.  Specifically, I'm trying to export the 100 year and 500 year flood zone contours from the FEMA data set and limiting the export to roughly a 20 mile x 20 mile area.  I've even split the original layer into individual layers to shrink the data set.  For example, the 100 year flood layers (there's 2 based on FEMA classification) only has a total of 78 objects in it.  However, even exporting this small data set results in a file about 7 MB in size that will NOT load in Google Earth.  Well, that's not completely true.  About 10% of the geometry eventually shows up in GE (after about 10 minutes of just letting it process).  But ultimately, the program just locks up and I have to hard stop it.  I can get it to export as a raster but it has a white background that I cannot make transparent in GE.  Help!  TIA.


  • Hi Vtminer, are you able to post one of your 7MB files so we can try to help? Have you tried importing in other vector formats e.g. .shp, .dgn or .tab?

  • vtminervtminer Posts: 6
    Apologies Carrick.  Missed the reply notification in my email and got side tracked.  Not sure if I ever figured it out but if I have the issues again, I'll post a problematic file. 
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