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Problem with mfc140.dll for RMaps sqlitedb export

Hirvitie Global Mapper User
I am trying to export to RMaps Tileset but there is the error in most cases:

Error exporting to RMaps Tileset file: E:\Hirvitie\Temp\1.sqlitedb
Read access violation at data address 0x00007FFC00000008,
program address 0x00000001414CE400.

Version: v22.0.0 (1472) (64-bit)
Build Time: Sep 15 2020 14:59:23
Thread: Main UI Thread

Stack Trace:
00000001414CE400 (global_mapper)
00000001414CEA6B (global_mapper)
00000001405D8A90 (global_mapper)
00007FFBDF2B2EEB (mfc140)
00007FFBDF2F1F12 (mfc140)
00007FFBDF34EA21 (mfc140)
000000014060A74E (global_mapper)
0000000140C740EE (global_mapper)
00007FFBDF37531C (mfc140)
00007FFBDF13A042 (mfc140)
00000001409CE742 (global_mapper)
00007FFBDF364F85 (mfc140)
00007FFBDF3741DE (mfc140)
00007FFBDF138E90 (mfc140)
00007FFBDF3641B0 (mfc140)
... (36 Additional Stack Items Hidden)
Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory: 4,250,193,920 of 8,451,756,032 available, GDI Usage: 382 GDI (Peak 523), 158 User (Peak 266)

If I had replaced mfc140.dll in Windows system folder with year old version of this file - it is OK! But I think that such replacement is not good for system health.

Maybe CGAL library is not compatible with the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 what I have - 14.24.28127.4?

Thank you!


  • Hirvitie
    Hirvitie Global Mapper User
    We use GM 22.0 (b091520) in our enterprise.
  • Hirvitie
    Hirvitie Global Mapper User
    After our global office had updated the prog to 101420 build this bug is gone.