Is EXPORT_ELEVATION as Unity RAW Terrain/Texture available in scripting?

veddycentveddycent Global Mapper UserPosts: 69
Hi all,

Hopefully this is a nice quick question :)

Is Unity RAW Terrain/Texture available in scripting when using EXPORT_ELEVATION?
I've had a look at the documentation but I couldn't find any mention of it in the available formats:

I'm using GM Version 20.1

Thanks in advance.


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,264

    Try TYPE=UNITY on the EXPORT_ELEVATION command.

  • veddycentveddycent Global Mapper User Posts: 69
    HI Bob,

    Unfortunately the type UNITY is unsupported:
    ERROR: Unsupported TYPE for EXPORT_ELEVATION command.

    I really need to export 603 tiles urgently as the client (as usual) doesn't understand how long it takes to put a 3D model together so has a ridiculous deadline :s

    What should my next step be?

    Kind Regards
  • veddycentveddycent Global Mapper User Posts: 69
    Let me rephrase the previous post:

    Is there an alternative format I can use to export the data as RAW heightmaps which can be used in scripts? I have tried the raw format but the result is not the same as the Unity format.

    I only need the .raw files to simply the matter.

    Any advice/guidance would be much appreciated!
  • veddycentveddycent Global Mapper User Posts: 69
    Hopefully this will be useful for others who come 

    In case anyone is trying to go from GM to Unity and is exporting terrains using a script, the solution is to export as GeoTIFF then use this ( excellent asset to import the GeoTIFF into unity.

    NOTE: you need to flip the X and Y when importing GeoTIFF into Unity, luckily the asset gives you the ability to do so.

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