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How do I sync UAV flight video with map?

wncblueridge Global Mapper UserTrusted User
In the announcement for version 16 it says: One of the most significant enhancements is a new video playback tool that allows users to play a video derived from the flight of an aircraft or UAV. The playback option displays a video file synced to any line feature with per-vertex times, fly-through lines or point features with recognized timestamp attributes.  
I also found references to the "video playback tool", but can't find any information about where the tool is or how to use it. 


  • HI Wncblueridge,

    I've only used GM since Version 17, but I think what you are referring to is the "Create 3D Fly-through" which allows the user to "fly" or "walk"  along a line created within  GM, i.e. not imported from your UAV, which is what I think you are trying to do.  This is the airplane icon on the Analysis toolbar. There is fairly good help within GM on how to use it, but basically the user selects a line in 2D space that they wish to fly along and then views it in 3D space.

    I've attached a very simple example of a recent flythrough along a short section of mine haul road modelled within GM (v. low quality to keep file size down) at this dropbox link as this forum doesn't seem to allow video uploads: Road Drive Through 200924.mp4?dl=0


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