Global Mapper v25.0

Workflow for adding Chainage Markers & Labels

Hi Folks,

I may be imagining things here, but when I attended the GM Training Course a few years ago I seem to remember being able to add chainage markers and also label them or in GM speak "Create Perpendicular Lines Spaced Along Selected Line/ Area Feature(s)" .

I'm using V22 now and when I try to add chainage markers to a vector line I can get the markers at a fixed interval no problem, but I can't seem to be able to label the chainage markers? The GM Help  menu is pretty well useless on this  topic, so I'm reaching out to this Forum for help regarding the correct  workflow.

I seem to remember completing the dialogue box as per attached screen grab for  markers at , say, 250 m centres with "Ch." prefix and "m" suffix.  However when I do this I get the markers, but no labels.

Any and all help appreciated. ted.