Global Mapper v25.0

Create Area Features from Selected Line Features

I want to programtically convert vector polyline contour data (forestry data) (Each line has an assigned elevation value) to areas 
& then flatten areas with a constant value rather then interpolated values.

In the digitisation UI tools I noticed you have 'Create Area Features from Selected Line Features'. My understanding is that this functionality is not available programitically from the SDK.

We are currently using GM_GenerateElevationGrid to create grids elsewhere in our software but in this instance I think that we first have to convert the vector poly lines to areas. Prehaps we could then call GM_GenerateElevationGrid passing in GM_GridGenSetup_t with  mFlags = GM_GridGenFlags_t32.GM_GridGen_FlattenAreas?

Is there a way to achieve this? (We can prompt the user to only submit complete lines for grid conversion).