Global Mapper v25.0

Map layout editor

Hi all, 

I'm new to global mapper, while i was trying to make a map and got a little stuck. 
-Is there a way to import a word document that has all the meta data for the map and use it as the title space?
-Is there a way to have a second vieuw window to use as an overvieuw?

Thank you for any help


  • Hi Jan,

    It sounds like you haven't discovered the Map Layout Editor button yet (select icon to left of "spanner" on File tool bar or bottom selection below "Tools" dropdown menu). This editor allows you to set up A1, A2, A3 etc. size drawing/figure sheets with windows automatically to scale (use insert Map View Element), also to paste in Word details (use insert Text Element), coordinate grid frames, image files, scale bars, north arrows etc.  If you need an overview map for your figure you can create it in the normal workspace view and then insert it as an image on your figure. 

    Once you get your head around it you can set up standard template files for your business or project e.g. Portrait A4, Landscape A3 etc. with title box, logo etc. I've attached an example of what I mean.

    Further details are available under GM Help (search up "Map Layout Editor").

  • @CarrickCon - Is your title block grid in the bottom-right an image element behind text elements?   That's how we're having to do our title blocks in GM and I'm wondering if you're doing the same or if there's another trick I haven't discovered  yet. 
  • Hi Derrick.  10/10 for observation! That is what I was doing originally i.e. creating a blank title block (bunch of boxes with no text) in PowerPoint, saving it to .jpg and then importing it as an image in the background and then populating it in the MLE using text elements.

    However, I have since simplified/improved on that and have created a new series of title blocks at various sizes and orientations simply using blank Text Elements i.e. a white "paper space" area with a black boundary. I have attached an example screen grab below and have added an example  A3 landscape template in the attached zip file. 

    It still amazes me that, brilliant as GM is, it doesn't come with a set of generic landscape and portrait title blocks in metric and imperial paper sizes that the user could then use "as is" or modify with their own logo, font type etc. At the end of the day I'd say most GM users have to create report figures/plans/maps to scale on a regular basis, I know I do on a near daily basis!

    Happy to help if you have any further questions :-)