Select and highlight raster layer with feature info tool

Background: We frequently load 1,000s of elevation rasters simultaneously in order to merge them into regional DEMs. It is often necessary to select and apply elevation offsets individual rasters to make them consistent with the surrounding data. 

Problem: Currently the only way to select a problem raster for editing is to hover the mouse cursor over the raster in the map window, take note of the raster's name in the status bar, and then manually search for it in the layers list. If the layers are not ordered alphabetically, this is an impossible task. 

Solution: Enhance the behavior of the feature info tool. When a raster is selected in the map view with the info tool, the corresponding layer should be highlighted in the Control Center's layers list. That way it can be easily located and selected for editing. Bonus points if the layers list automatically scrolls to the selected layer's location in the list. 

The functionality described above is used by numerous sonar data processing suites. SonarWiz, HyPack and Caris all allow rasters to be selected in the layers list by clicking the raster in map view.



  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,264

    I have added feature request GM-11366 to our task list. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • I wanted to add a few notes on this that you can do right now in 21.1 to find this layer. 
     With the info tool, you could copy the layer name (CTRL+C). Then in the control center either right click on the Current Workspace name, or press CTRL+F with the control center active, and you can paste the layer name to find it in the list (CTRL+V) 
    The Search Layer Descriptions (CTRL+F) tool was added to the control center was added in Global Mapper 21.0
  • TKHTKH Posts: 7
    Thank you, Bob and Katrina.
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