Disable LiDAR license on close (network license)

kgroverkgrover Global Mapper UserPosts: 26Trusted User
We are on a network license for GM, and have 10 LiDAR network seats, but we constantly run out of the LiDAR module. It seems to remain checked out by a user if they check it out once, so often users have it checked out but don't even need it. 

Is there a way to have it default to being off when the program is opened, then if the users needs it they just check it out?? Then it gets turned off when the program is closed?? 


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,216

    I suggest you contact Blue Marble Support directly via email (geohelp@bluemarbegeo.com) to address this issue. To my knowledge, there is not a way to do what you are looking for, but it makes sense that there ought to be an option to not automatically check out a Lidar Module license, even if it was checked out when Global Mapper closed. Thank you.

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