Global Mapper v25.0

Multiple styles for a single feature

Hello, In our current operation we have an area feature the represents and object like a field in a Park. We export the vector as DXF and all is great. We also like to export the workspace as a raster or .png to supply a visual representation.  My question is supplying two option s of the .png.
1) Our first export we save the .png as raster where the park is represented by a green fill "Think Grass" :) although this is a pretty image it is not always functional when being displayed on a computer screen outdoors.
2) our second Export is a raster of the same park but we change the fill colors to be easier to see outdoors on a tablet.

Think Light mode and Dark mode on your fancy phone.

In our current practice, we have to re-map the Area Styles Fill pattern before we export the new .png
we have done this by pointing to a different Styles folder or independently selecting new fills for each area
Is there an easy method to switching the Area style fills?