Global Mapper Pro

Batch exports all loaded images


I need to shift and export a very large number of GeoTIFF images (geology images) today and I have been trying to make use of the Batch Convert/Reproject tool to export the loaded images to a folder. To test I have loaded a small number of images.

When I run it, it generates the tiffs but they are 0 kb in size and the process hangs at 0%. The PRJ and TFW files are generated though.

Not sure if it's related to the fact the source images are in a Local Grid and have been shifted in GM via: Shift > Specify Coordinate Transformation > Load from file. This places them correctly but might be the reason for this issue.

Any ideas welcome.


01.jpg 17.5K
02.jpg 15.8K
03.jpg 134.7K


  • It turns out that it does in fact work. It was 5-10 minutes before anything appeared to be happening so I was under the impression it had frozen.The TIF's appear as 0kb in Windows Explorer for a long time before they start to increase in size. Also the progress stays at 0% for a long time and then suddenly appears after the delay.
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