need help - trying to figure out how to get ground classified DEM in LAS format from Google Earth

Hi All,

I am not quite sure if this can be done but I am trying to create a DEM from Google Earth, classify the points as ground, and then save as a LAS file.   How I am trying to do this is:

1) from Google Earth, create a path of points and save as KML
2) using, get elevation data and save as text with latitude, longitude and altitude coordinates
3) then I believe that I need to convert this to a point cloud and can use something like saga GIS or QGIS.  Can this also be done with Global Mapper?
4) classify the DEM as ground. 
5) export as LAS file

So far, I have gotten the first two steps fine.  I could use QGIS to convert to shape file and then using saga GIS, I could convert to point cloud and then export to LAS.  I have tried using the reclassification tool with saga GIS but it is still saying that my data is not classified.  

I had a trial version of Global Mapper before and was able to convert DEM data, classify it and export to LAS (with the LiDAR module) but I haven't tried it with Google Earth data and I am not quite sure if it will do what I would like it to do. 

Does anyone have any advice if this is something that can be achieved by Global Mapper? 
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