Global Mapper v25.0

How to send raster data to my Garmin?

I searched all the way through the internet and I found a way to send the raster data to a Garmin device.
Let me brief it for you what I found! 
Use BaseCamp software available on <a href="https:">garmin basecamp download</a>  to pull in the JNX from the device, then send it back to the device to unlock it.
the JNX files should be saved in the 'Garmin/BirdsEye' folder. If your device is connected when you start the export the default export folder should be in the appropriate location.

 But how one can do with kmz format any idea?


  • The KMZ format for Garmin has no perspective. File size limitation - 32 Mb. But if you need, then the KMZ file must be placed Garmin / CustomMaps. 
    There are alternative ways to create raster maps for Garmin, but they cannot be discussed here. Probably.