Can't disable labels for point features!

Steve DSteve D Global Mapper UserPosts: 27Trusted User
This is new.  Running 21.1 (and apparently 21.0 which I hadn't noticed until now).  I'm trying to change styles on my point types and I can do everything, change the symbol, rotate, etc, but I can't uncheck the box for "Show Labels for Points of This Type".  When I do, the "Apply" button stays greyed out.  When I uncheck it and make a change to another setting and then hit apply, the "Show Labels" goes back to being checked.  This is happening on both versions of GM I happen to have running on my computer.  I don't run GM often, but when I last was using it a month ago I'm sure I was able to disable labels.

It appears to only affect point features.  Areas and lines can have labels.

Ideas?  This an uninstall and reinstall thing to do?


  • Steve DSteve D Global Mapper User Posts: 27Trusted User
    As an updated, I uninstalled both versions and re-installed just 21.1 and it's still doing this!
  • Steve DSteve D Global Mapper User Posts: 27Trusted User
    I just realized, the uninstall is not a "clean" process.  While I'm mostly default in my settings, the fonts I chose for points are still there.  Is there a config file somewhere that is maybe corrupt that I need to delete or fix?
  • Steve DSteve D Global Mapper User Posts: 27Trusted User
    Errgh... can't edit posts... sorry for spam.  Configuration->General->General has a "Restore Default Settings" button.  Doesn't seem to have helped, and seems like points styles (eg.,font) are still the same.  Confirmed it by changing a symbol, trying again and that didn't get reset either.  

    Then noticed (duh) the "restore default style", THAT reset the style settings (did both for one point style, and all types, but still can't disable labels for points.  

    In the mean time, I'm working around this, and as it was pointed out to me by a colleague, I can disable labels for individual layers of points, so I'm pulling out the point types I don't want labels for and putting them in their own layer, fortunately, this is easy enough to do.  Still, a bug found is a bug worth reporting!
  • tikhpetrtikhpetr Posts: 55
    Did I understand correctly, you want to remove labels from some points within one layer? Or do you want to do with a group of points on different layers? Since my English is bad :( , please give me pictures (screenshots) of your problem.
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