How to remove green shading o plan when cutting cross-sections???

G'day fellow GM'ers

Does anyone know how to remove green shading over plan when cutting cross-sections ("Series of Profiles Perpendicular to Path" in GM speak)? I've attached an example below. I've looked through the Path Profile Settings but with no joy!



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    Hi Carrick, do you mean the overall green shade of the corridor, as opposed to the shadows cast on the terrain by the elevated highway?  Do you just want the lines but no green corridor?  Don't know that i can help but just trying to understand the question.

  • CarrickConCarrickCon Posts: 40
    Sorry, title should read "on" plan, not "o" plan!
  • CarrickConCarrickCon Posts: 40
    Hi Bill, yes I'm just trying to get rid of the light green shading on the plan, not the shadow cast by the 3-D terrain. Its annoying having to explain to clients that the landform does not extend to the limits of the green shading, rather that it is the limit of the cross-section! I'm pretty sure there is no way to turn it off, but I'm always intrigued at some of the workarounds that other users come up with! <span>:smile:</span>
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    Depending on how you are presenting the map/section info to clients, you can export any sections in a variety of formats (image, PDF, DWG from memory) but also export the cross-section lines as say, DWG/DXF, then re-import them into GM in their correct geographic position.  You could then turn off the cross-section (perpendicular profile) function and just view the proposal and the cross-section lines.
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    Thanks Bill - that would work. I currently use AutoCAD in tandem with GM as I like to generate design strings in AutoCAD as I find it much easier than trying to do the same in GM, although that being said, I absolutely love the 3-D design tools in GM. Bang for buck there is NOTHING else around like it! I've used it for civil design of dams, roads, underpasses, you name it!
  • BillBBillB Global Mapper User Posts: 135Trusted User
    Glad that helps.  Sounds like you should be running a 'how-to' seminar for GM :)
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