Global Mapper v24.1

EPSG visible in Projection display

It would be of great confidence to display the EPSG code in the projection display.

First of all this makes it very clear the correct selection is made, but more important is that it clarifies which exact transformation parameters are embedded in and used by Global Mapper. This cannot always be derived with certainty from the names in GM. (=> e.g. datums OSGB36 (NTv2 GRID) - NTv2 Grid and OSGB36 (BEST TRANSFORM) - NTv2 Grid, of which I would not know what models they exactly are (OSTN02?) and hence which one to use).

Displaying the EPSG code makes it undisputed which parameters are used in the project.

In the example below, including EPSG:3010 anywhere would already give all the information needed (for it groups all the other codes already).
Obviously, in case a custum datum is added, no EPSG code is shown.


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    We have an open request (GM-9327) to add the EPSG code to the Projection window. It is currently in the queue for Global Mapper 22, but that is not a guarantee that it will be included in that release. I have added your information to the feature request to indicate that another user is interested in this functionality. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Thank you, Bob. Good to hear that the request already has been made. Thanks for the update!