Global Mapper v25.0

Raster processing workflow

Hello all- I am new to this thread and looking for some help with an imagery project that I’ve been tasked with. I’ve only worked here and there with imagery so my knowledge is pretty limited. I’ve been doing a little bit of research and was hoping to find some tutorials or how to step by step guides, so if anyone can point me in that direction that would be great. 

So what I’ve gathered so far by reading would be that my first step would be to make a KML then compress that to a KMZ? Find an open source data library to get the geotiff imagery files from. Once you have that organize them somehow,  load them into global mapper in small batches? Create mosaic and the last steps will be color correction, balancing and feathering?

So again I wanna emphasize my knowledge on this is low. I’ve mostly really only worked with vector data before this and I am definitely looking forward to learning how to work with imagery. Anyone’s insight would be greatly appreciated

So far my workflow is as follows. I separated out my .tif files into folders respectively Top, Bottom, Left, Right, and  then four Corners. I left the bulk that fills in the middle outside the directory.  My thinking with this was in anticipation of the feathering. I would need to have the image catalogs independent of one another so I could blend them inside Global Mapper

Before all this I placed all the BROWSE.tifs into GM and played around with the layer order to get the best looking most cohesive image. I also played around with the color intensity and transparency to get rid of the black lines. I intend to mimic these settings to the image catalogs in my other workspace once I have all the feathering complete. 

Can anyone out there that has processed raster imagery like this tell me if my workflow is correct or if I could be doing it an easier way, or if I should be using an entirely different software?

I’m mostly having trouble with feathering the individual layers. It’s hard to keep track of what’s on top and what is over lapping after I have so many image catalogs loaded at once. I understand that the bottom layer in the control center is actual the top layer. Which just adds to the confusion. Lol.

I wanted to see how I was doing with my progress so I ran a 24 bit 10x10 test export So we will see on Monday morning what it looks like and if my progress.