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Create BUFFER from existing feature produces incorrect results

The AdvancedFeatureCreation > Buffer functionality has changed, it produces different and incorrect results than previous version.

Let's say I create a simple rectangle and then attempt to offset it. The results are either skewed (Right example below - using create rectangular option) or bubbled (Left  example - non-rectangular). In the left example, I selected a 2000ft offset and the round corners are a 2000 ft, however the parallel sections are at 1900. It is a simple 4-vertices polygon.


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    I did some quick testing using a recent daily build, and was not able to reproduce your problem. Please download the latest daily build to see if it works for you. If the problem persists, please contact Blue Marble Support directly via email ( Please provide a detailed description of your workflow, including screen captures of the option screens, and a workspace that contains your data. This will help the support folks reproduce the problem locally and determine the solution. Thank you.

  • @bmg_bob - I've always had this issue as well.   It occurs when I import a google earth KMZ file with a polygon representing a drone's mapping boundaries, then I change my projection to NAD83 State Plane and create a buffer of the polygon.  I end up with results like this or worse, depending on the complexity of the original polygon.  

    My workaround is  to export the KMZ file to a DXF with my current project projection, then import it back in and create my buffer. 
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