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kfroesekfroese Geotechnical EngineerPosts: 179Trusted User
"Advanced GPS support to connect to external high accuracy Bluetooth GPS devices from vendors such as Bad Elf and EOS, among others." Your latest announcement contains the teaser "among others." Are you going to publish a list of which are supported? If not, can you confirm it my specific model of interest is supported? I have a Trimble Catalyst unit.

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  • PShoreyPShorey Global Mapper Developer Posts: 194
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    Here are some details about our new Advanced GPS functionality.

    Global Mapper Mobile will automatically receive basic location data (Lat, Lon, horizontal accuracy, Elevation, heading) from any connected external GPS device through the operating system’s location services. However, for more detailed information, such as satellites in view, details on fix and accuracy, raw NMEA data, etc., the app requires a direct connection to the device (bypassing location services). Advanced GPS allows us to do that for supported devices. This is a Pro Module feature, which is available for a small annual subscription fee.

    Supported Devices:

    Bad Elf

    EOS Arrow series

    Juniper Geode series

    Geneq SXblue series

    Dual XGPS series

    Some Android devices can provide this level of information for their internal GPS hardware. We will use if available.

    If you have a device that is not in this list, contact BMG support. If there is sufficient interest in that device, we will work with the hardware vendor to add support in a future version.

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  • BillBBillB Global Mapper User Posts: 126Trusted User
    Hi, I can't help on the specifics of your question but a couple of things to note:
    1) GPS support is in the 'pro' version only -
    2) from what I briefly read, if your mobile device is an iPad, any GPS unit which connects via Bluetooth hooks into the iPad's Location function and becomes available to apps.  For whatever reason, the same is not true of WIFI-connected GPS devices.  Information can fairly readily be searched for - GPS/iPad combinations are used by non-commercial aircraft pilots.

  • kfroesekfroese Geotechnical Engineer Posts: 179Trusted User
    Thanks for chiming in, BillB. I did know it was a pro-only feature. But it would be worth $50 to me if it supports my device. The Trimble Catalyst connects via a usb cable that also powers the antenna.
  • BillBBillB Global Mapper User Posts: 126Trusted User
    Connects to what?  iPad / Android device?  Do you have it already working with any other geographic app on that device?
  • kfroesekfroese Geotechnical Engineer Posts: 179Trusted User
    Connects to either. Right now we have two units - one using a tablet, the other a phone. I have limited personal experience with them but I believe they are only running the default Trimble apps. But I think one of those apps may "overwrite" the default android GPS signal with that coming from the Catalyst.
  • BillBBillB Global Mapper User Posts: 126Trusted User
    That's quite tricky then.  Sounds like you need to know what GPS signal GM hooks into on each device.
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