Represent intersection between surface and terrain


I would like to know what is the way to represent the intersection between an arbitrary inclined 3D surface and the terrain. For example, imagine that a slopped triangular surface intersects the terrain (ASTER for example) and I need to represent that intersection (if any) by a line (similar to contour lines).

Thank you in advance!


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    Analysis / Combine/Compare Terrain Layers
    Create contours with value "0"
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    Thanks for your answer!

    I have tried to do what you say, however, I have not got it. The program says that to carry out this action it is necessary to have at least two layers of terrain loaded, and I only have one (ASTER). The sloped surface is not a layer with terrain information itself, but a surface on which I have modified the altitudes of its vertices.

    I attach an image to show the example:

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    Create first a surface from your 3d polygon

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