Slow exports. Possible to use multiple cores or more ram to increase speed?


I'm having issues with export speed. GM doesn't take advantage of my computers resources, and as a result I'm getting really slow exports (weeks long for the area I'm exporting). Is there a way to speed up the export process by giving GM access to more resources?

It's currently using 1 core, around 15% of my CPU and only 1000 memory out 32000.


  • RobinOSCRobinOSC Posts: 10
    This is for terraindata, more spesifically Binary Terrain (.bt) grid.
  • dilipdilip Posts: 1
    Hi Robin,
    i am facing the same issue. did you found any solution?
    using HP Z600 Dual Zeon Processor with 64GB ram & Quadra GPU.
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