Error message when exporting to ARCGis gdb file

Error exporting areas to a geodatabase
esrifilegdboverlay.cpp - 1445
Version: v21.0.0 (23) (64-bit)
Build Time: Sep 16 2019 03:33:27
Thread: Main UI Thread

Stack Trace:
00000001407E51B3 (global_mapper)
00000001407E6A91 (global_mapper)
0000000140BFA8FE (global_mapper)
0000000140BFBA72 (global_mapper)
00000001403E36B3 (global_mapper)
0000000140EA4554 (global_mapper)
0000000140EA3DF5 (global_mapper)
0000000140EA5905 (global_mapper)
0000000140EB1D83 (global_mapper)
000000014116CA6C (global_mapper)
00000001405519CF (global_mapper)
0000000140550E8F (global_mapper)
0000000140550B8A (global_mapper)
00007FFC605B8F38 (mfc140)
00007FFC605B9245 (mfc140)
... (48 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory: 9,155,694,592 of 17,064,816,640 available, GDI Usage: 543 GDI (Peak 690), 208 User (Peak 363)

Anyone know what this means??????


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,218

    This sounds like a bug. I suggest that you contact Blue Marble Support directly via email ( to address this issue. Please include a detailed description of your workflow, including a workspace containing the data you are trying to export and screen captures of the options screen you used. Thank you.

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