Global Mapper v25.0

Triangular contours ?

Hi, we have been creating 1m contours from edited cloud points produced by a manned fixed wing aircraft with a high quality digital camera. We expected a fair bit of editing as there are large clumps of forest with tall trees, however, that is not such a problem, the client requires this work for Flood Mitigation purposes, however, many of the contours have sharp pints on them, and many are triangular in shape, not a smooth oblong or oval circle as we usually obtain, what can be the cause of this ? I may add that 80% of our 1200 sq km project is flat rice fields


  • Hi all ... ironically we finally solved the problem ... after generating the contours in Global Mapper, we then placed the data in ARC Map and used the contour smoothing tool ... all is OK now, triangles disappeared and became odd shaped ovals.