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RTK coordinates from Emlid receiver

htuser Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Dear all,
I would like to use Global Mapper Mobile Pro Android in fieldwork so i would like to know if it can accept. This require to bypass internal device GNSS module and connect to Emlid RTK receiver using Blutooth. 
 Emlid already publish guidelines for ArcGIS collector: but we would prefer Global Mapper Mobile Pro. Please let me know for my decision.

Thanks in advance


  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer Moderator, Trusted User
    Hello ht,
    Thank you for your interest in Global Mapper Mobile. We do not currently support direct communication with Emlid RTK or other devices. However, we will be releasing GMM 2.1 in the near future, and this will include a new "Advanced GPS" capability. This will give GMM the ability to connect to a supported external GPS device via bluetooth and provide more detailed location and satellite information than is available through the operating system's location services. This will be part of the optional Pro Module, available for a small subscription fee. More details to be announced. Emlid is not among the devices we will be supporting initially, however, support could be added in a future release if there is sufficient interest. Please contact BMG support and let us know about the details of your needs.
  • Hi...I am new to useing RTKLIB for post handling however im directly highly involved with sorting it out this week so sick try your inquiry. so when you do the initial step would you say you are preparing as kinematic or static?

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