crop to area

I have 2 Layers (area of ​​lakes and area of ​​interest  ). I need to crop area of ​​lakes to area of ​​interest.
I do so:

But the tool does not work out. Please help me understand  it out.
1.png 142.5K
2.png 155.7K


  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 210
    You only need to select the area features you wish to use to crop the loaded feature to:

    1. Make sure both layers are on (Loaded)
    2. Select the only the area of interest area feature (Area.shp )
    3. Crop/Combine/Split Function > CROP Loaded Features to Selected Area(s)
  • tikhpetrtikhpetr Posts: 62
    Thank! Everything worked out.

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