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Global Mapper Grid (.gmg) documentation - parsing?

Hi, we are interested in using the GMG format for our system, but we are unable to find any documentation about it. Is it possible to read/parse it in any way?

The goal for us is to export TMS tiles of Height/DEM data (32bit floating point), and we've been unable to find other solutions for this. We are creating a terrain system running in Unity that's based on TMS and the google maps standard.

If there are any other ways of doing this, any help is appreciated.


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    I'm not with tech support, but I think GMG obtains it's efficiency by using a 16bit format, hence the need to export in smaller units.  This is a loss of elevation resolution that cannot be recovered subsequently, and your DEM elevation units would be in 'decimeters' or 'decifeet'.  The 16bit format can cause 'terracing' in some cases.

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