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Export multiple checked Layers or Groups to separate files


Can we please have an option to export multiple checked Layers or Groups to separate files. If I have a large list of layers to export as individual files I have to copy the file-name for the layer and then export that layer and then paste in the layer name. Then repeat for every single layer. If there is already a method available please let me know.

Instead I would like an option to select all my layers and export them all at once to a folder and have the option to specify what to use as the file-name e.g. Feature Layer Name. If possible it would be great to have a similar option to export by Group rather than Layer using the same principle.

If it is not possible to export multiple layers or groups can we instead have the option to use the Layer Name in the file-name to save naming manually?



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    If you are exporting vector features to a Shapefile, you have the option to split data into separate files by layer name. You provide the base file name and the layer names get appended to it. 

    I suggest that you pass this request along to Blue Marble Support via email ( They will be able to provide more guidance with regard to your options in the current version of Global Mapper, and open a feature request for new functions that you need. Please include a much detail as you can in the description of what you need. Thanks.

  • As Bob said, this is possible when exporting to a shapefile.  Since I use KML files a lot for UAS flight planning, I will often export all of my polygons to shapefile split exports based on the FlightNumber attribute, then use the batch conversion tool to convert to KML.   Not the ideal approach, but it works for my use case. 
  • Ice Age Mark
    Ice Age Mark Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Hey Steve,

    Always enjoy your informative and detailed posts.  I worked in the mining industry (Geology Dept.) too, but before GIS.  (Ink on Mylar and constant trips to the Blueprinter.)  Could you possibly just write a generic type export script to call using this export feature?  "To export just the layer(s) selected in the Control Center, use EXPORT_LAYER="SELECTED LAYERS".

    I agree it would be a good built in feature .

  • Hi Mark,

    I'm glad my posts have been of use to you. Interesting to hear you have worked in the mining sector!

    I had a go at writing a script but couldn't get it to run. I don't have much of a clue when it comes to scripting to be honest. Not sure how to tell it to use the Layer Description for the file name anyway.

    Thanks anyway,

    P.S. Wish we could just record macros or actions for simple tasks like these. For example, in Adobe Acrobat you can create Actions easily with an Action Manager. You can specify what files to process e.g. the open file, prompt user for File(s) or Folder(s). You choose from a list of preset Tasks. Then finally choose how to save or export the files.

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