I am trying to get a buffer to the right side of a line, but I always get next error: What can I do

DannyGeysenDannyGeysen Global Mapper UserPosts: 3
Error creating buffer for feature 
Feature may have sharp bends that must be smoothed before creating 1-sided buffer.
polygonutils.cpp - 569
Version: v20.1.2 (5) (64-bit)
Build Time: Jul 11 2019 17:00:46
Thread: Main UI Thread
Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory: 11,122,204,672 of 17,006,989,312 available, GDI Usage: 416 GDI (Peak 482), 138 User (Peak 252)


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,180

    This is a bug that was fixed in Global Mapper 21.1. You can download a daily build that includes the fix here

    I see that you are using Global Mapper 20.1. It is possible that you will be able to use this updated version, but that depends on your current license and support terms.

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