Map Layout Editor - Add ability to Filter Layers in addition to Legend

JakeJake Global Mapper UserPosts: 276Trusted User
You should allow for the ability to filter layers in the Map Layout Editor. The alternative, turning off the layers in the Current Workspace for each Page in the Map Layout is too laborious and prone to error. For example, I have a 10 page layout in the Map Layout Editor and I have to go back and forth turning on and off each workspace layer I want to appear, exporting each page separately instead of all the pages at once.

Note filter layers already works for the Legend and I use that for some legend entries I do not want to see there. But as explained above I would also like to independently deselect layers that I don't want to see on Page 1 but I do want to see on Page 2 etc. Then I can set up my Map Layout and export it in a single operation.

Just to be clear the Legend Filter settings should be independent of the Layer Filter settings.


  • henniehennie Global Mapper User Posts: 61Trusted User
    I agree than functionality in this area is required.
    The layer filter option may work.
    In the alternative, it would be great if each map page "remembers" the layers activated for that particular map page.
    My workaround at present is to save a workspace file for each individual map page, with only the required active layers shown. This can get very tedious and does not help with the creation of e.g. map books.
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,158

    We have an open feature request (GM-4836) to be able to have a different set of layers visible on each page in the Map Layout Editor. I have added your information to that request.

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