Area gets auto-subdivided every time the file is opened?

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I just noticed that certain area features I'm currently working on gets subdivided into several parcels every time I open the workspace.  Those parcels encircled in the screencap are supposedly one whole parcel/ mother lot/ island, respectively.  And I always have to make each of them a single entity every single time I open the file. 

Can anyone help on this please.  Thank you

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    A "workspace" contains the procedures necessary to load and process the data.  A workspace file (GMW) contains text characters that you can review in a text editor (not document program like WORD or LibreOffice Writer).  With experience and care, a workspace file can be edited (we assume you made a backup copy first!).  At the least, you can review the procedures that have been stored.  The procedures are re-loaded each time the workspace is opened. 

    You can periodically simplify (and speed up) your work by saving selected layers to local files, then loading the local files and removing the original layers.  For example, loading a number of points, gridding to a surface, and generating contours can be simplified by exporting a gridded surface file, and exporting a contour file.  Then load the exported layers and remove the source layers, since you don't need to re-grid or re-contour every time you load your workspace.  You can certainly save (backup) intermediate workspace files if you want to preserve the workflow from the original data sources. 

    Look at the size of your workspace file before and after simplifying.  BIG difference in size, and the speed increases as well.  This is especially true if you are working with data downloaded from the internet.  Local files will load much more quickly. 

    Specifically to your question, export your area features to a separate file (probably shapefile format), then load that file.  You will have the original area features and your local file of saved features, so you can unload the original data.

    Global Mapper is great for loading many different data layers and the results of processing.  You don't have to repeat all of this every time you open a workspace.  Global Mapper is also great at exporting data to local files and they allow you to simplify your workspace.  The more experienced you become with knowing what data you can export, the faster your work will proceed. 


  • chaichai Posts: 5
    This is very well noted. Thank you!
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