Global Mapper v25.0

Replace ocean with color or texture

Hello, I’m rather new to GM.

I have georeferenced aerial photos that contains a lot of ocean. I also have height data for the same areas. Is it possible to replace all photos below a threshold (say 0.1 meters) with a generic color or tiled texture?

We are using the data in a game engine where we stream in the texture tiles based on camera location, and we also have underwater  seabed which currently is colored with ocean photos. I would like to replace the photos of the ocean with a generic color. Because of the varying color of the ocean in the photos I can’t just select based on color, which is why I was hoping to use the heightdata as a “mask”.

Hope this makes sense, any help is appreciated.


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    Try using the create single contour feature with your height data and select to 'create area features' using 0 or 0.1 as an elevation.  This should produce a 'mask' like feature.
  • How would I go about actually applying this result as a "mask"?