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Is it possible to determine the date of an ESRI World Imagery image?

Is it possible to determine the date of an ESRI World Imagery image? I know it can be done in ArcMap using the identify tool, but I can't find a way to do it within GM?

Any help appreciated!


  • pcurrier
    pcurrier Global Mapper User

    I have the same question. Have you been able to figure out a way to determine the date of "World Imagery" images? - Thanks, - Paul

  • Hi @pcurrier, Unfortunately not... ☹️

  • BMG_Amanda
    edited January 4

    Most online data in Global Mapper is pulled from an external source that doesn't provide date information with the imagery. To find the date you'll need to look at the original source. In the Online Data tool, right click on the Data Source and choose "Display Source Webpage/terms of service".

    For World Imagery, the link below should open a map viewer. Zoom into the area to see the data source at the bottom of the screen.

  • Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your response. However, I'm not sure it helps?

    When I zoom in on a location on the Arcgis link you provided I get a number of sources (refer to attached screen grab), none of which provide capture date info. Even when I turn on the "Information" tab in the Arcgis viewer it just links to a web page that says "layer presents low-resolution satellite imagery for the world and high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, typically within 3-5 years of currency, for most of the world".

    Am I missing something here...?



  • kfroese
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    You need to click on the part of the image you are interested in. A popup box will then give you the date and source.

  • Hi @kfroese.

    This still doesn't work for me, at least not for ESRI World Imagery.

    Maybe you could add a screengrab of what exactly you are doing?

    I've tried clicking with the digitizer "pencil" and and the info tool and it still doesn't work...