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ESRI World Imagery - Exported image is different from what is displayed (streamed) on Screen???

G'Day Global Mappers!

I frequently use ESRI World Imagery as a backdrop in GM figures and drawings - its awesome! In order to speed things up or to use imagery when off-line or when on-site I sometimes export the imagery as a raster (say at 1m x 1m  resolution depending on site area) and then import back into GM. However, recently I noticed that the exported imagery shows a different (earlier) image than that displayed when streaming/or connected to it within Global Mapper. I've attached a couple of screen grabs - #1 shows the downloaded (.ecw) of the site from about 4 years ago and #2 shows the image of the site  within the last year or so.

What is going on! Has anybody else noticed this? If so, how can I stop it?


  • sphillips
    Answer ✓
    It's related to the resolution you use to export versus the Detail Level displayed on screen. In your case it seems that the higher resolution tile was captured at a different date. You can see when the tiles switch if you zoom right out and then back in e.g. 1:8265 displays differently to 1:5510. I've gone to the open pit location and watched the tile switch at these scales.

    If you want to match the current display resolution you can use look into these options during export:

    By the way I work in the mining sector so feel free to contact me via the message option. Always interested to learn how other GM users are using the software in the Mining, Geotech, Tailings, Hydro and related sectors.

  • Perfect Steve! I knew there would be an answer or workaround as there is with most things in GM! 

    I'll message you directly to catch up on the Mining front.