How to identify slopes on a range of 0-3-6-9 and > 9 degrees?

Hello all, 

I am using Global Mapper Version 20.1. I am attempting to a slope analysis in global mapper. I have already tried the methods listed in the following discussions which have occured in the forum before. 


The method which worked closest to getting any visual results where, I go to "File" -> "Export" -> "Export Elevation Grid Format" -> "Float/Grid File", Checking the boxes "Export Slope Values than Degrees" and then clicking okay with a 5m by 5m resolution. 

I then import the flt file and disable the Digital Terrain Model. But in the flt file, I see just a blurry picture of my land. This is where I get struck and am unable to identify slopes in the terrain with a range of 0-3-6-9 and > 9 degrees. How can I proceed ahead with this step and identify the slopes? 

Kind Regards,
Ankush Algudkar
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