Generate OziExplorer .map file without rendering the complete map


I have a set of map in PNG images. To calibrate them, I load them into Global Mapper and use the RECTIFY function. Then I ned to export them into .map file. I use the Layer Export function, choose PNG, and tick "Generate OziExplorer .map". This works well, however the PNGs are re-generated which takes a lot of time and CPU cycles, which seems unnecessary as I already have the PNGs in the first place, and I just need the associated .map files.

Is there a way to generale only the .map file to put alongside the PNGs that I already have?

Thank you.


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    I am not an expert on this but I do use Oziexplorer Mobile from time to time. Oziexplorer needs to import .map images that are already in a correct projction, either UTM or lat/long. If you are having to georeference your images in GM they are clearly not projected. You could try georeferencing your maps, projecting to either UTM or lat/long and then exporting as an .ecw for subsequent import to Oziexplorer. Oziexplorer would then generate the .map files in an instant but I don't know if this would be faster than your work flow of exporting a .map file directly from GM.

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    Hi, jrm456!
    Here is an example map file.Open it with a notepad and replace the coordinates of the anchor points with yours.
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