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Downloading archived Sentinel Multispectral data

fluvial Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Sentinel is a useful product for me, but I usually need to compile a time series of imagery. I realise there are places to download this data, Copernicus, EROS Earth Explorer etc. The downloads are extremely slow, as it is necessary to download whole tiles and all bands. It could take days or weeks to get all the data for an AOI. QGIS has a plugin that allows downloading archived data that overlap and AOI, choosing only the bands of interest. Data provider login details must be provided, so it is necessary to have accounts (no problem, it is free to register). This is faster than downloading whole tiles. I much prefer to work in GM, but GM has very limited Sentinel download capacity, only (I assume the most recent) image, and a processed image at that. Is there a plan to allow download of archived imagery, with capacity to choose bands of interest?