Global Mapper Pro

We are evaluating Global Mapper

We are evaluating Global Mapper to determine if it can create the products we require.  We are utilizing the Prepar3D model and using the OrbX terrain (with additional add-on terrain files).  We need to be able to create our own terrain files that we can place in the “Add-ons” directory to enhance/correct the terrain at key locations.  The current add-on terrain files we have do not correct the issues we have.

Some of the things we need to be able to do consists of:  Multiple small heliports 500m x 500m

Place updated imagery on them (prefer 3D).

Adjust the mesh under some (north end is 10’ higher than south).  This would also allow us to create slope terrain (where there isn’t any) for practicing landing ops.

I have read through and completed the Training Lessons and none of them really identify what we are needing to do.  I like what I have read so far and started watching some of the utube videos, but I am not one of the 40,000 GIS professionals.  I do not want to spend $500 on a product that isn’t going to provide the necessary capabilities we require.

So, the questions are: will Global Mapper provide me the capabilities I require; if so, where do I go to learn how; if not, what terrain editor program is there that will?

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