Labels don't show when exporting to pdf


I'm new to Global Mapper, and my company has a version 19 for me to work with. I mostly prepare vector data and text on raster maps and exporting them to pdf format. However, while the vector on raster is working for polygons, lines and points, no labels, that I have carefully written, seems to be exported, even though I have them visible in  Global Mapper. I have figured out how to change font and size and colour and to show or not show labels for points, lines and polygons, so while I'm still working in Global Mapper all seems fine, but when I export to pdf format, the labels are no longer there, though the polygons they label are. I really need to be able to write on the maps I prepare which polygons are what, because areas should be treated differently in the field depending on the labels on the map.

I hope I managed to explain this clearly. Thanks!

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