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Bulk/batch export of ortho photo overlay layers

Hi folks - very new global mapper user here. Have run 100 tifs to ortho images and the results are in my document as layers. I now want to export these to separate geotifs. I can do one at a time or I can do multiples into a single geotif but how in one batch can I export all 100 to 100 geotifs?

Any ideas?


  • Ice Age Mark
    Ice Age Mark Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Use scripting to loop through the layers and export them.

    "The LAYER_LOOP_START command begins a loop of commands over load layers. You can loop over all layers or just those matching a particular filename mask. You end a loop over the files in a folder using the LAYER_LOOP_END command. Note that it is also possible to nest loops."
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