Global Mapper v24.1

Export from Global Mapper to KMZ/KML

I'm looking to export photos out to Google Earth. They are geo-referenced. I haven't used GM since Global Mapper 13. A lot has changed for sure. So, I need to see just a placemark or something in Google Earth when opening the KMZ/KML file. I also need to attribute data that is saved with the photo (photo location), so when I click on it in Google Earth, it opens up that photo.

Mike Childs if you're here, I used to sell your product at Total CAD Systems. I worked with Jeff Juniewich.


  • Hi Todd,

    Long time no see - I hope you are well. Not sure if you recall but I spoke to you at AU2018 in Las Vegas after one of your classes. I do the Mining visualisations in InfraWorks.

    Ok, not sure about how to do this in v13.2 specifically but there are two methods for the current version that I am aware of as follows. If you don't have this ability please send a private message and we can discuss an alternative solution.

    Method 1
    1. Drag and drop the photos into GM
    2. Select them with the Digitizer Tool
    3. View > Zoom View > Zoom to View in Google Earth
    4. When asked if you want to include the features click Yes.
    5. In Google Earth right-click on the layer and use Save Place As
    Method 2
    1. Drag and drop the photos into GM
    2. Select the layers
    3. Right-click
    4. Layer > Export
    5. OK
    6. KML/KMZ (Vector Data Only)
    7. Choose Feature Descriptions, Links, and Attribute Value and Embed Linked Image Files Rather thank Linking to Disk Location
    Good luck buddy,